Blood on the Vine Tavern

A single shaft of light thrusts illumination into the main square, its brightness looking like a solid pillar in the heavy fog. Above the gaping doorway, a sign hangs precariously askew, proclaiming this to be the Blood on the Vine Tavern.

Closer inspection of the sign reveals that the sign originally read, "Blood of the Vine.’’ but the “F” in “of” has been scratched over with an “N”.

What looks as though it once might have been a finely appointed tavern has grown shoddy over the years. A blazing fire in the hearth gives scant warmth to the few huddled souls within.

These include a pudgy barkeep (Arik Lorenska) who stands behind the counter washing a glass, three females (Alenka, Mirabel, and Sorvia) who dress in the same manner as the messenger who was described as Vistani sitting together around a small table, and finally a man in his early 20’s (Ismark Kolyanovich) who sits alone sipping from a glass of what looks like wine.

Blood on the Vine Tavern

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